Open Source Encrypted & Private Vault


Your hackproof vault for storing sensitive data, passwords, and files.

Protect your valuable data from prying eyes. Liso`s secure data vault is the perfect place to keep passwords, files, and any other information you need to keep safe from unwanted people, hackers, and data leaks.

Liso is not just a vault but also a superior Password Manager.

Liso - Encrypted & Private Vault

Access and manage your passwords on any device

Liso is available for download on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows. Access everything on the go, even when you're offline.

Fast & Reliable Syncing

Liso automatically syncs your vault. Or manually sync with a single click of a button.

Secure and easy sharing

Conveniently share your vault and files with your friends, colleagues, or family. Worry free.

AES-256 Encryption

Liso uses the Advanced Encryption Standard + CBC with PKCS7 Padding to protect your vault and files. It means your data is always safe and accessible only by you.

Powered by Web3 Technology

Liso is designed and built with modern Web3 technology. It is the 3rd generation of the evolution of web technologies. It also allows your vault to be bullet-proof from hackers' data leakage.

Zero Sign-Up with Zero-Knowledge

Emails, Phone Numbers, and even Usernames are a thing of the past with Liso. None of that is required to get set up.

Trustless & Censorship Resistant

There's no central authority that you need to trust your data. Not even us developers. Only you and yourself have the key to decrypt and access your vault.

Crypto Wallet - Built-in

Conveniently store and manage supported cryptocurrencies and NFTs. All secured and built-in to Liso.


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No credit card or sign up is required to get started. free.

More Features


Conveniently autofill and save your credentials effortlessly (Android).

Self Hostable

Use your S3 provider config to self-host syncing of your vaults.

Works Offline

Whether you're connected or not to the internet. Liso just works out of the box.

Biometric Auth

Fast and secure access to your vault with Fingerprint or Face biometrics support.

Native App

Liso is not just another web app. It's built with native technologies to make it super-fast and efficient.

Generate Passwords

Quickly generate long and strong passwords that no one can easily guess.

Encryption Tool

Protect files with military-grade encryption before sending them to friends or co-workers.

Decentralized Storage

Upload photos, videos, documents, and files with automatic encryption to our secure & decentralized cloud storage.

Open Source

Ensure the integrity and security by self-auditing and verifying the code.

Password Health

Monitor and update weak/re-used passwords.

Passphrase Generator

Generate a 12 or 24-word mnemonic seed phrase for your Crypto Wallets.

OTP Authenticator

Securely store and generate 2FA codes for your accounts, apps, and websites.

Unlimited Vaults

Keep everything organized with separate vaults for work, personal, or family.


Switch to Dark or Light mode or let the system choose automatically.


Create custom fields, categories, and vaults for better organization. Liso also supports the re-ordering of Form Fields for more flexibility.

Simple Pricing

The most value for money guaranteed


$0.0 Forever

No Credit Card Required
    Encrypted Files5
    Cloud Storage100MB
    OTP Authenticator
    Password Health Monitor
    Protected Items5
    Shared Members2
    File Encryption Tool
    Vault Backups2
    Priority Support
    Custom Vaults5
    Custom Categories5
    Undo Trash5 Days
    Max Upload File Size80MB
    Autosave + Autofill
    Generate Passwords
    Biometric Auth
    Offline Mode
    Self Hostable

Liso Pro

$2.49 / Month

7-Day Free Trial
    Encrypted FilesUnlimited
    Cloud Storage1GB
    OTP Authenticator
    Password Health Monitor
    Protected ItemsUnlimited
    Shared MembersUnlimited
    File Encryption Tool
    Vault Backups200
    Priority Support
    Custom VaultsUnlimited
    Custom CategoriesUnlimited
    Undo Trash365 Days
    Max Upload Size800MB
    Autosave + Autofill
    Generate Passwords
    Biometric Auth
    Offline Mode
    Self Hostable
Liso - Encrypted & Private Vault

Ready to keep your data safe and secure?

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